During childhood i was very good at drawing. Reading science fiction and fantasy novels as a teen fired my imagination. Google "The Mad Scientist's Club of Mammoth Falls".

During my early adult years i began designing vehicles, truck accessories, energy-efficient homes and other things. Many times i was told, "You can't build that" or "That won't work the way you think". At 26 i inherited some money and set out to find people to build the things i had dreamt up...but time after time i was told, "It's a waste of our time to build that, it won't work". "But I have the blueprints and drawings right here...?" Finally i got fed up with the naysayers and realized that if i can draw something from any angle (first visualizing it in my mind) i can build it as well.

So i bought a welder...and a torch set...and a drill press...and some mechanic's tools, then a better welding helmet, a table saw, a miter saw, a few hammers, a good vise, drill bits, a tap and die set..."Hmmmm, this is getting expensive".

"Hey y'all, watch this...Hold my beer" ZzzzzzaaaaaP!! "Aaarrrgh!!"

In past years i have: rebuilt Toyota 4x4 truck frames, engines, suspensions, built tube bumpers, rock sliders, roof racks, towing hitches, trailers, tire carriers, done body work and paint.

I have built my own wood shelves and benches, lofts and renovated homes. I built a 30'x 48' shop with a 12' ceiling in Arkansas.

I own and operate a sign company.

I design, build and install video security systems.

Back when the average American didn't know what a 'drone' was, i was building and flying airplanes, quadcopters, and ground vehicles via video downlink, now known as FPV. I am a part 107 certified drone operator. 

Currently i am finishing up a large eagle sculpture. It has a wingspan of 11 feet. My next project will be a 1/4 scale SR71 Blackbird sculpture. Sometime next year i intend to build a full-scale M577 APC (from the movie Aliens).

But if you have a dream you need me to build right away, don't be afraid to ask.

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