J³ Productions

At J³ Productions we strive to bring you good products/ services at an affordable price.  Others may do it cheaper, or faster. We try to do it better. You've probably heard the phrase "Cheap-Fast-Good...pick two?" Major corporations may be able to give you all three, but a small business can usually only achieve two. Anyone who claims differently is usually cutting costs somewhere. Let us work at our pace and we'll provide an amazing product for an affordable price. If you think our prices are too high, show us someone providing the Same service for less and we'll adjust our price.

If you want it tomorrow for dirt cheap, try Harbor Freight.

Here are some of the things we can do. Without breaking the bank.

(Not all, because that would require 17 pages and be hard to follow. And this is just one page.)

​​Recumbent Trikes

Due to poor circulation in my legs i have unhealing wounds on my toes and right ankle. Very painful. My doctor tells me i need to sit with my legs elevated all day but also exercise...? A recumbent trike would allow me to accomplish that but I cannot afford the $3000.00+ price of one. This has forced me to build my own. Fortunately I have a fab shop...lol. Seeing no reason why a trike should cost more than $2k, I've decided to start building them for sale. 

In production are (5) full front and rear suspension recumbent trikes that fold without disassembly, WITH headlight/ tail light/  brake light/ turn signals, air pump, tool kit, lit flag, mirrors, and bike computer INCLUDED. I will be selling these for $1850.00 

Optional upgrades will include Electric Motor Pedal Assist,  Electric lift Seating Assist, Canopy, Pannier rack/ bags, etc.

I imagine building and selling affordable trikes will occupy all my time and so all my other ventures will become secondary.

Pictures coming soon.



Vinyl Business Signs and Graphics

Welding and Fabrication

Animatronics (animated props for movies and TV)

   and Replica Movie Vehicles (1/4 scale or Full-Scale)

Aerial Photography

ROV (remotely operated vehicles) design and construction